The Annual Chapman Van Der Wege Burns Suppers

Well hullo 'rere!


For Xmas 2000, Mija and I were in Scotland celebrating the holiday season with my folks.  While we were there, my mother was preparing for the 2001 Burns Suppers at which she was going to be singing, which got us thinking:  "We should have our own Burns Supper!"  And why not!  We'd had various themed parties before - including the (in)famous Bubble Party - so why not a traditional Scottish celebration?

And so a tradition was born. Well, OK, re-born.

The Annual Chapman Van Der Wege Burns Supper has already toured from coast to coast, and this season (2004) appeared in it's fourth venue - Chap Baby Wege Wege Manor in Northfield, Minnesota - complete with international guest speakers flown in at no expense whatsoever!  Below are links to some bits an pieces from our first three suppers for those that may be interested or who are looking for insipration for their own events!


2001 Burns Supper

Menlo Park, California

2002 Burns Supper

South Hadley, Massachusetts
(The entire program, complete with recipies and readings)

2003 Burns Supper

Burnsville, Minnesota
(Still in progress...)

2004 Burns Supper

Northfield, Minnesota

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