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The links have moved to the top of the page.  Why, you ask?
Because they're the only things that have been updated
in the last... um, year?  Heh.

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Resume, both brief and narrative, cover letter and more... Oh no! It's a
large root vegetable with a candle in it!!
Menus, speeches
and readings.
Guess what we just bought... Where we used to live...


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George's Tabla Drums page
David's home page Martin's work page
My wife's bLog,
with all sorts
of fun stuff
bLog of
many stylesheets...
Web pages to make us all feel better about our own \;-) My god
It's full of stars!
The doctor is

Welcome to Arkazae’s web page!

Here you will find verbage aplenty.  Eventually.
You will find links to all sorts of useless places.  Eventually.
You will find links to some useful places.  Eventually.
And of course you will find links to places that will be of interest to only the strange few...
Which is in fact about the only thing of substance actually here just now.

Picture o' me!

Oh, by the way, in case you're wondering what (or rather who) Arkazae is... well, it's me. The online me. Oddly enough, Arkazae started life as a Warrior Mage in the realms of Middle Earth. Shortly after his coming of age, or rather existence, his reality ceased to exist and he floated in limbo for a number of years until popping back into virtual existence as the online identity of R Kevin Chapman. That's me. See (slightly out of date) photo for details.

This page has just been birthed, so is a little   s  p  a  r  s  e   just now. It does however have a few links that I wanted to make available for friends, family and any other oddballs who may be interested.

So read, link and be merry!  For tomorrow we can do it all again.

Last Updated 25-Oct-2003